Mischievous Blue Cats by Irina Zeniuk


What wonderful cards I have discovered through Postcrossing, including these Blue Cats by artist Rina Zeniuk from Minsk, Belarus. I have listed the cards with the main descriptive words in black to make it easier to read the list quickly. I have received cards with the following designs:

A blue cat playing an accordion for a white cat
A red airplane rescuing three blue cats above a stormy sea
A mother cat with 7 kittens and angel cats playing violins
Blue cat with a backpack watching a white lady cat with a white parasol
A cat on a fence with a balalaika (?), serenading a lady cat
A yellow cat staring in disbelief at newly hatched blue chicks
A blue cat and a white cat riding a bicycle in a meadow
A mob of blue cats, each carrying a birdhouse on a post
A yellow cat nailing a birdhouse in a tree while blackbirds watch
An angry black cat on a stage with a white cat
A blue cat watching a white cat carrying 2 buckets, one with a fish
A group of Blue Cats chased up a tree by a dog
A cat climbing a pole to reach red boots or a string of sausages
A white cat cooking a meal while a Blue cat brings in the mail
A calendar card featuring a cat, counting his chickens
A blue cat relaxing in front of the tv and drinking milk
The evolution of the Blue Cat
A blue cat kisses a white cat while fish look on from the icy pond
Blue cats sitting on a dock with fishing poles
Blue cats sitting on a bench gossiping
A blue cat reading a magazine with a white cat covering his eyes and saying “Guess who”.
A blue cat hugging a white cat
A blue cat ice fishing and watching a white cat ice skating
A blue cat with a switch and kittens playing in the mud
A blue cat and a white cat lying in a field of lavender
Three blue cats mailing postcards
Two blue cats sending mail and licking envelopes
A Siamese cat dressed like Napoleon and standing on a pillow
A blue cat wearing an orange vest and carrying a broom
A cat playing an accordion on the moon
A blue cat painting on a fence while a white cat in lilac flowers looks on
A Blue cat with a plate of cucumbers, trying to become a vegetarian.
A blue cat admiring postcards and mail supplies
Three blue cats push a car in snow while neighbors look on
A group of blue cats in a red rubber raft
A cat wearing red boots and carrying a red umbrella with fishing poles
Blue cats spreading rumors about a white cat in a red scarf
A cat playing a saxophone for a lady cat in the window
A Blue Cat scratching the wall.
Three blue cats floating in a wooden suitcase and shipwrecked with mice
A yellow cat in the snow sees shoes beneath a ladder
A cat sitting in a tree, day dreaming
Cat on a swing, with sky, clouds, trees and birds
A cat texting (or Tweeting?) on a cell phone with birds looking on
A yellow cat tossing a bucket of water on a blue cat who has been playing an accordion serenade to a white cat.


current 03.15.20

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