Inge Look Cards


Postcrossers have introduced me to many great cards, including these delightful old ladies from artist Inge Look. I have listed the cards with the main descriptive words in black to make it easier to read the list quickly. I have received cards with the following designs:

#8: Two old ladies drinking wine high in a tree
#12: Two old ladies dumpster diving
#13: Two old ladies sitting in the forest in the sun, while one twirls a key
#14: Two old ladies relaxing in hammocks after a picnic
#17: Two old ladies dancing barefoot to a gramophone in the house
#23: Two old ladies collecting the mail through a mail slot in the door
#27: Two old ladies standing between bumpy trees.
#28: Two old ladies poling a boat down the river.
#33: Two old ladies cleaning the snow from a candlelit table outside.
#40: Two old ladies having tea by the stove.
#41: Two old ladies painting Easter Eggs near the hen house.
#49. Two old ladies stomping grapes
#52: Two old ladies riding swings on a carousel.
#62: Two old ladies admiring a scarecrow.
Two old ladies running on the sidewalk and dragging canes across the fence
Two old ladies eating sweets and drinking tea in front of the wood stove
Two old ladies using hula hoops on the steps
Two old ladies swimming through the ice

current 02.26.20

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